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I paid "Hearing Direct" £358 for a pair of hearing aids., plus an extra £8.99 for a quick delivery, total cost £366.99. On arrival one of the aids was found to be not working .

Having just paid £366.99 for a defective product I naturally lost all faith in the hearing aids and promptly returned them the same day and requested a full refund. A representative from" Hearing direct" rang me a few days later and apologised for the non- working device and promised me a full refund. A refund was paid for the net amount of £358.00. When I rang the company asking for my £8.99 postage I was informed that it was not the company's policy to refund postage.

I would like to have known this company's refund policy fully before ordering the product.

Through no fault of my own I find myself £8.99 out of pocket. Beware.

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my RAYOVAC BATTERIES are only lasting a few daysexpirey date 03 2020i made an enquiry got the face bitten off me....very un helpful


Cancel order number 200035508. I have tried and tried to reach you by phone at 800-216-2331 to no avail. My number is 419-886-3572.

Winter Park, Florida, United States #1213084

Really? What companies return shipping and handling?

I just checked their site and it says "product refund." This is common when you do business on the internet. I think your negative rating is unfair to the business.

Did you even let them try to replace the product?

San Jose, California, United States #729121

davejay444, you are being completely unreasonable. The explanation the company gave below is very fair.

They offer a free shipping option, you chose not to take it. Knowing the risk that the 8.99 isn't refundable, you chose it anyway.

Stop complaining about a fair policy! :cry


It seems that " Hearing Direct" hear, but they do not listen.!, Due to one of their faulty products, which they fully admitted were faulty, the fact remains that I am £8.99 worse off than when I started. Had I returned the product for any other reason than being faulty I would have accepted the non return of my postage, Now £ 8.99 may not seem a lot to Mr Canterbury, but to myself on a pension let me assure him that my £8.99 non returnable postage would have been far better spent on a few hours extra heating rather than on any of their "duff" products. Beware.


Our policy is to refund 100% of the product cost for whatever reason. Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is there to allow customers to try our products without risk.

In this case the customer was contacted directly and it was made very clear that we were sorry for the faulty product - this is a very rare event. We offered to instantly ship a replacement but the customer declined. The customer returned the goods - we offer a Freepost service so this need not incur any cost - and as the customer stated 100% of the product cost was instantly refunded.

We do offer a Free Shipping service on all orders over £20, which most customers take advantage off thereby being able to try any product with absolutely no cost or risk.

In this case, the customer selected a Next Day Delivery which is clearly chargeable @ £8.99

I personally emailed this customer more than once to explain our position and policy. I will use this forum to once again apologise that this customer is disappointed in our service. We do everything possible to keep our customers happy and we would welcome the opportunity for him and others to give us the chance to prove that.

Stuart Canterbury


to Stuart Canterbury (HearingDire B M Goldwater A F Range, Arizona, United States #1344248

It is clear the Company did everything asked and more. If it is very clear "refund of product price" then yes customers eats the $8.99 shipping

OP: You can't read - why neg the company?

Offer of replacement - denied

Returned with free post service - no cost

Cry over the $8.99?

Please tell us you don't smoke?

Drink beer? Well then STOP you don't have the money for those things Cable TV - STOP you can't afford it I say Buzz off

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